Flow Use Case: User Reactivation

User Reactivation:


Users that have logged-in today and had not been active for >30 days (inactive user until today). We want to let them know about recent updates so we can reactivate their interest as users.


By communicating recent updates or launching reminders in an effective way, you increase the chances of attracting these users back.


Step 1: Welcome message (Modal)

Mention what’s new and invite the user to take the flow to do a real interaction with this new update.

TIP: Use a fun giphy or picture alongside the welcome message.

Step 2: Recent updates (Modal)

Mention what’s new in the platform and take the users where they can find more information.

TIP: Use short and effective messages, highlight the benefits.

Final step: Access more info (Tooltip)

In this case, the access to all information on updates is highlighted so the user can click on there. 

TIP: You could also take the users directly to a Knowledge Base article, or another relevant page.

NOTE: in order to set up the log-in condition, you can do it as follows (type “Event” first):

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