Flow Use Case: Onboarding (Complete profile)

Onboarding (Complete Profile):


We want to give users a warm welcome, and encourage them to complete its profile for the first time.


You can ensure completion of important steps in user onboarding (adoption), by showing and encouraging them to do an action while doing the flow.


Step 1: Welcome message (Modal)

Explicitly mention the action that the Flow is going to help the user with.

Next steps: Show menu areas (Tooltips)

Create the necessary steps that the user needs to complete while doing the Flow.

TIP: ensure the interaction you want is activated by a button or the element itself. 

Eg:The user needs to upload the picture and not move to the next step until completed, so we put a button to move when it’s done: 

Eg: To finish with the process, the user needs to click on a real page element to complete the step, so no button but “target element”.

Final step: Thank you message (Modal)

Thank the user for completing the action.

TIP: include 2 actions in the last step of the flow: 

-Take the user to another page where the next onboarding tutorial is

-The final action of this step needs to be “Complete Flow”. This is linked to the metrics of the flow, so you can track how many users actually finish it, who completes it, skips it, etc.

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