Flow Use Case: Product Update

Product Updates:


Promote a new feature among users.


By communicating updates and improvements you communicate value to your users. This also helps to increase adoption.


Step 1: Welcome message (Modal)

Mention what’s new and invite the user to take the flow to do a real interaction with this new update.

TIP: Highlight the benefits of the update briefly, and even create a quick video showing them live, it will generate interest!

Next steps: Show menu areas (Tooltips)

Create the necessary steps to show the new functionality while telling the user how to complete it while doing the Flow.

TIP: ensure the interaction you want is activated by a button or the element itself (as in Use case 2 - Onboarding)

Final step: Congratulations message (Modal)

Congratulate users when they reach the end of the Flow to keep encouraging them. 

TIP: sometimes is worth linking the end of a flow with another relevant part of your platform (eg. Reports, Dashboards, etc).

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