Flow Use Case: Product Tour

Product Tours: 


New users log-in to your platform for the first time and you want to give them a warm welcome and show them around. A general Product Tour flow shows where the main menus and areas of the platform are located.


The user feels welcome when landing into your product and knows where to start from.


Step 1: Welcome message (Modal)

Welcome messages encourage the user to continue with the Flow and understand what it is for.

TIP: Include a giphy, video or picture in the welcome message to attract users’ attention.

Next steps: Show menu areas (Tooltips)

Create a few steps highlighting menu areas with a Tooltip and a brief description.

TIP: Highlight general menu “blocks” or options since it’s just a general product tour. You can get more into detail in other Flows that are targeted to specific actions or submenus.

Final step: Congratulations message (Modal)

Congratulate users when they reach the end of the Flow, it encourages them to keep completing Flows shown in your platform.

TIP: add a fun image or video to make it more engaging.

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