Flow Use Case: Upselling



Promote a new upgrade available that your users can add to their current subscription. 


It allows you to proactively reach your customers for commercial purposes, but in a non-intrusive way. It converts users into meetings, the first step for a new sale. 


Step 1: Welcome message (Modal)

Mention what’s new and invite the user to take the flow for more info.

TIP: Highlight the benefits of the update briefly. It will generate interest! 

Step 2: Benefits (Modal)

A short video describing the benefits of the upgrade. It is a great way to show the value of features that are not included in their  current plan.

TIP: Include a catchy button to the offer details (and an extra button with a link to further information about the benefits – eg. an article in your knowledge base).

Final step: Offer information (Modal)

Add a catchy message with the details of the offer, and even the deadline.

TIP: You can offer them to contact you directly from the flow. For example: add your Sales/Customer Success representative’s calendar to the button so they can book a call/demo directly, or add another step with your contact details so they can contact you straight away.

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