Qualification Form
You can set a qualification form that users will have to fill in before starting a conversation. This is a great way to obtain any relevant information you may need to communicate and engage with your users later in their lifecycle!

To set up your Qualification Form, go to Settings > Widget Settings > Scroll to Qualification Form and enable this option by clicking on edit.

This form can be completely personalized - you can add as many fields as you want, and choose with categories must be filled in as mandatory!

Note: the email field is always mandatory when enabling the qualification form.

These categories are the different attributes you have predefined within the app, and the custom attributes you have created. For more information about creating attributes and the types of attributes you can choose from, go to Attributes.

Drag and drop these fields to organize them as you like.

To edit each category, click on the pencil icon. You can change the label and placeholder, add a description, and set it as a mandatory field.

Remember to edit those fields in every language you have added to your widget.

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