How to create a Support Group

Once you’ve accessed the inbox, you just need to click on the “+” located on the top right beside GROUPS:

After clicking on the “+” the following pop-up will open and you’ll be able to set the conditions of the group (name, auto assign, agents inside the group, office hour rules, etc.): 

1. Create the Group: 
-Configure the inbox group name
-Add a description if you like.
-Routing mode: autoassign --> system will assign conversations automatically to each agent - first agent 1, then agent 2, and so on); none (leaves conversations in inbox for manual assignation):

2.  Assign agents to the group:

2. Assign agents to the group:
 Add your office hours by day. If you have a break of support hours throughout the day (eg. lunch time), you just need to add the same day twice and configure morning and then afternoon hours like this:

Click on save when you finish and you're done!

Now remember you mus set up desired rules so conversations get there automatically. Check everything on the following article: How to assign conversations automatically
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