How to assign conversations automatically?
Assign conversations to the desired group or agent automatically.
To make sure a conversation gets answered by the right person in your company, assign it to a particular agent or group. You can organize this to be done automatically in Froged.

It’s really simple and you’ll be more efficient!
1/Create new rule by clicking + in the Inbox rules.

2/Set the rule and save.

Fulfill the four gaps to assign conversations to an agent or group based on customer’s attributes, behavior that is tracked by events, and/or any information about the user or company that you track in Froged. Thus, the time and effort wasted in manually assigning the incoming messages is no longer bothering you and, your customers will get the best response faster.

NOTE: new! now the conversations that go into a group can be assigned automatically among the agents. This is done by activating “group routing mode”. 

3/Establish the priority of this rule.
When more than one rule is created, make sure the order of priority is as you want. This way, the conversation will be assigned following these rules’ order.

Done! Now you’ll be orienting the conversations that meet this rule to the appropriate agent or group.
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