Shared Inbox
With our Shared Inbox, you can receive incoming emails and your email campaigns and behavioral email responses in your Inbox. Every response will appear as a new conversation and will be assigned to the agent who sent it. 

With our Shared Inbox all your agents will be able to access and manage those replies from the same place! This will speed up and make your support efforts much more efficient.

The best way to take advantage of this feature is to redirect all your support emails to your FROGED Inbox. You could, for example, redirect your, or emails to your inbox here.

To set this up: 

1- Add your shared email as a company address
Go to Settings > Workspace Info  and then, under Company addresses, add your email address as a company address.

2- Copy your inbound email address
Go to Settings > Workspace Info  and then, under Shared Inbox, you will find the email address you need all your emails to be redirected to. 

3 - Set up forwarding in your email client
After copying your inbound email address, open your email client and follow the steps to begin forwarding your emails to it. Find the guides for some common clients here: 
You will then receive a verification email from your email client in Froged, where you can confirm you have received it.

How to receive email campaigns replies into your FROGED Inbox 

When creating your new email campaign or behavioral email, on the Message section (Step 2 for email campaigns, and step 3 for behavioral emails) you can choose which agent you want the message to be sent from, and where you want those message's replies to arrive.

You can either receive all replies on your email address inbox, or your FROGED inbox to offer more dynamic and efficient support to your contacts.

Click here if you have any questions about How To Create Behavioral Emails or How To Create Email Campaigns .
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