How To Create Behavioral Emails

👉 If you haven't heard much about behavioral emails before, you should go to What are Behavioral Emails? first to learn about them.

👉 If you already know what Behavioral Emails are, now it's time to start creating your own.

First, go to Engage > Behavioral Emails > + Create Behavioral Email.

To create behavioral emails, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 - Trigger

Select the event that you want to trigger this email, you have several event options to choose from. 

Then, choose how long after that event occurs your behavioral email will be sent. 

Step 2 - Conditions

You can choose to add more conditions to filter who this email will be sent to.

This means that, once if the event you have chosen occurs and these conditions are met, then the behavioral email will be sent.

Also, you can load a segment that you have previously created or we have predefined, and the conditions of that specific segment will be automatically applied.

Step 3 - Message

Choose which agent you want the email to be sent from, and in case that the recipient replies, where you will get that email. 

The reply can be sent to the agent's email or to the FROGED inbox.

If you want to change the appearance of your message, click on Select templates and choose one of these three formats:

By personalizing your behavioral emails with attributes such as the recipient's name, you will increase engagement and effectiveness.

For more information go to Personalized Messages Using Variables .

Step 4 - Status

Set a name and description so you and other agents can easily identify your behavioral email.

Choose whether you want your behavioral email to be sent only the first time or every single time the conditions you have selected occur.

Also, you can allow your users to unsubscribe with or without a message.

If your behavioral email is ready to go, don't forget to activate it!

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