Personalized Messages Using Attributes

You can add both contact and account attributes to your in-app messages, flows and emails, both behavioral emails and regular email campaigns to create personalized messages. By being more personal using these variables you will increase the engagement and effectiveness of your messages. 

These attributes are the characteristics of your contacts and accounts in FROGED (eg. name, email, country, type of plan...etc). Any of the attributes that you communicate to FROGED about your users, will be available for selection so you can personalize your communications. If you need more information about attributes read the following article: ATTRIBUTES

To add any attribute, just type $ when writing your communication and choose the attribute you want. You can also add any custom attributes previously created.

You can also add predefined attributes as personalized variables without having to use the $ symbol. Remember that attributes can be predefined (default) in FROGED and custom (those that you can create yourself). This is what you need to use for the different ones:

  • Contact Attribute DEFAULT: {{contact.attribute_name}}
  • Contact Attribute CUSTOM: {{contact.attributes.attribute_name}}
  • Account Attribute DEFAULT: {{account.attribute_name}}
  • Account Attribute CUSTOM: {{account.attributes.attribute_name}}

IMPORTANT NOTE: you must write the "attribute name" exactly as you have it in FROGED, including the use of capital letters and lower case. FROGED only allows attribute names without space, so it could be like: Account_id, Accountid, Account-id, etc.

Example: Imagine you want to add the following attributes to your communications:

"name": it's a default contact attribute so --> {{}}
"age": it's a custom contact attribute so --> {{contact.attributes.age}}
"account_id": it's a default account attribute so --> {{account.account_id}} 
"subscription_type": it's a custom account attribute so --> {{account.attributes.subscription_type}}

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