What are Behavioral Emails?

This one of our most powerful tools! 

You do not want to be the typical company that keeps spamming its users every other day, right?

A behavioral mail is an email that is triggered by a specific action or behavior exhibited by a user within your product or website. It allows you to send targeted and personalized messages to users based on their interactions, preferences, or specific events. Behavioral mails are highly effective in engaging users, improving onboarding experiences, and driving conversions. By tailoring your email communication to users' behaviors, you can deliver relevant content and enhance the overall user experience. With FROGED's Behavioral Emails feature, you can easily create and automate these personalized messages to maximize user engagement and drive desired actions. 

Learn how to make your behavioral emails more personalized to improve their open and read rate here: Personalized Messages Using Variables.

What 's the difference between Behavioral emails and Emails Campaigns?

Behavioral emails differ from the more traditional email campaigns behavioral emails will be triggered by a certain event that your contacts have carried out.

But what exactly is an event?

Events are the actions that are carried out within your website. Events give you very valuable information about your users.

FROGED offers many different events by default. To see these events, go to Settings > Events > View Default. 

With Froged, the sky is the limit. You can create as many events as your heart desires! Click here to find out how to create Events.

A very commonly used example of a behavioral email would be a welcome email that your receive a few minutes after you sign up on a platform for the first time.

Now that you are more aware of how behavioral emails are, it's time to start creating your own! To do so, click on How to create behavioural emails? 

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