What are Events?

Events are the actions that are carried out by users within the page which gives us valuable information, such as when someone clicks on a certain button or when a user logs in.

FROGED offers several predefined events that can very usefull for many businesses. Check out which events you have by default and how to add to your event collection here: Predefined Events.

However, here at Froged the sky is the limit. So, there's no need to stop there, you can create as many events as you desire. There are four types of events that you can create within Froged: Click Events, Scroll Events, Page view Events and Customized Events.

Here you can find a step by step guide on How to Create a Click Event and How to Create a Scroll Event .

NOTE: You can observe all events a visitor is doing in real time in the LIVE tab.

Event's attributes

Event's attributes are properties that track an event. These will provide you with better information about that event.

For example, when tracking the event add_to_cart, a series of attributes such as price, quantity, name, and an Id of that product will be provided.


When you create a Custom Event, you can assign a series of custom attributes for the event to track. For more information, go to SDK javascript and How to Create a Customized Event .

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