Create a Scroll Event

Scroll Events track when a user scrolls all the way to a  specific element you have selected.

To start creating your own Click Events, first, go to Settings > Events > + Add Event.

On Select Event Type choose the Scroll event. Then, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1 - Main Info

Name your event, describe it and choose an icon for it so you and other agents can easily recognize it.

Step 2 - Selector

Now, you have to click on Launch Event Visualizer and type the URL where the element you want to track is located.

Once you click Ok, you will be redirected to this URL where you can select the element you want to track. It would look something like this:

Click on the element you want to track and then a message letting you know that the CSS selector has been copied will appear. Now, you only have to paste the CSS Selector.

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