Use Case: send an external survey (Google Forms)

Send your surveys through FROGED and track who has responded afterwards. 

The following example is for a Google forms survey. The same example may work with other survey tools, as long as they let you redirect the user to another page at the end of the survey after completing it.

1. Get your Survey ready in Google Forms

2. Create a URL that will redirect users to your site

Select a URL from your app or web where you'd like to take users when they finish the survey. IMPORTANT: FROGED must be installed there! 

We suggest you use a URL within your App for example, where you're already using FROGED. Customise the ending of the URL with "query params" (yellow part), it's just to display it in the navigator, but they'll land on the normal URL of your site. Example

Your users will only navigate to: (the yellow part is just a name to display and to track this event afterwards in FROGED)

3. Insert this URL at the end of your survey in Google Forms

Go to Settings > Presentation > Confirmation Message, and insert your URL there with a message so the user clicks on it. Example:

4. Build an Automessage with FROGED to send your survey

How To Create Automessages 

It could also be sent through a Flow or an Email.

Just ensure you include a CTA Button linked to your survey. Example:

5. Create an event to track users who finish the survey

Go to Settings > Events > Add Event, and create a URL type event. Example:

In the visited URL, just include the following, an asterisk followed by the customed part of your URL (not inputting the whole URL may solve navigator issues of certain users). In this example it would be just this: *?survey_ok=1

This event, will now help you track in FROGED who finished the survey and who didn't. How can I track this? Go to Contacts > Advanced Filter > Events and select the event you created for the survey, then filter those contacts for whom is greater than 0, which means they completed the survey:

The list will show contacts who have done the event.

TIP: set a reminder communication for those users who have not yet taken the event! For this, you can create another Automessage as follows:

Step 1 - Trigger:
Select the page or pages where you'd like it to pop-up:

Step 2 - Condition: 
Select Events > Survey_Completed (the name of your event for the survey) and count is 0:

Those users who have not yet taken it yet, will receive the automessage.

Step 3 - Message:
Write the content of the message, linking again the survey to a CTA button. Example:

And you're done! Just continue monitoring the users who have taken or not taken the survey from the Contacts section as shown above.

Happy Surveys! 🤓

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