Use case: CTA to get Newsletter subscribers
Do you want to get new subscribers to your Newsletter in just one click? We have the solution for you!

Here's an idea: create a click button in your communication with an associated action that will subscribe the user to your newsletter in just one click (no need to ask them anything else). Here's an example:

You can send a behavioral email or an email campaign to all your users or contacts. For this, you just need to configure your email template and content and insert a button that will contain the CTA (call to action) to suscribe them to your newsletter if they click on it:

Now configure the button with the desired CTA, in this case getting your users join your newsletter. How? Very easy, just configure the button URL with the landing page you want them to go thanking them for subscribing and add the following: 



IMPORTANT NOTE: this will only work if FROGED is correctly installed and is identifying your users in the given URL. In order to know this, do the following checks: Quick installation checks

If your URL is under your public site, where FROGED is correctly installed but you're not identifying the users, you can identify them via their email adding extra info to the button's URL:

By knowing who the user is, when they click on the button to suscribe to the newsletter the contact attribute in FROGED "Newsletter" will turn to TRUE and they will receive your newsletter from then onwards.

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