Use Case: A/B Testing

A/B testing is a highly useful exercise to test different versions of the communications sent to your end users, and see which ones perform better. After checking all the metrics, you will have very powerful insights for improving your User Communication Strategy.

A/B testing in FROGED can be used with: Automessages, Behavioral Emails, Email Campaigns and Product Flows. 

In order to do it, you just need to add a simple condition in each communication, by randomly filtering your users by attribute "UserID". You can divide your users by UserID into 2 groups: the ones ending in an even number and the ones ending in an odd number. This way, all your users ending in "0" or "2" or "4" or "6" or "8" will receive 1 version o the message/email/flow, and the ones ending in "1" or "3" or "5" or "7" or "9" will receive version 2. 

Watch our VIDEO below to see how easily you can do this. 

And, to save even more time. You can create 2 "Dynamic segments" with all your users filtered by UserID (ending in even and ending in odd numbers). Check the article: How To Create Dynamic Segments 

IMPORTANT! It's essential that the UserID (or similar user identification) is shared as a contact attribute from your side to FROGED, so your users can be identified.
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