FROGED's logic and key concepts

FROGED platform offers several modules and functionalities, depending on the plan you subscribe to. In essence, everything can be split in 2 main areas:

  • Onboarding & Engagement: tools to help you further engage with your end users. It's basically about proactive communication, whatever the purpose is: Onboarding, Product Adoption, Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience, etc.

  • Support: tools created for providing the greatest Customer and Support Service, both reactively and proactively: multi-channel Live Chat, off-the-shelf Support content and Updates.


All the included functionalities are: 
  • Product Flows: In-App guided tours to help your users better understand your product and in turn create more points of engagement.
  • Automessages: In-App notifications.
  • Behavioral Emails: Emails that are automatically sent based on the users' behavior.
  • Email Campaigns: Emails that you send on purpose to a selected audience (push).
  • NPS: Net Promoter Score survey to measure user satisfaction and recommendation potential.
All of these functionalities work using the same logic in FROGED, and it's very simple:

1. Trigger: user action or event that triggers the interaction (Except for Email Campaigns - no trigger). Eg. Users who visit a specific URL.

2. Conditions: user attributes that are needed to activate that they receive the interaction or not. Eg. User whose email domain contains "XYZ" and their country is "UK"

3. Content: the content we want to share with the users that receive the interaction. Eg. Welcome Automessage when they first log-in to the platform

*For further information please visit all available content on Engage and NPS.

  • Live-Chat: Support chat service. Set all your channels in one unique inbox: email, web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc
  • Knowledge Base: dedicated portal with articles and content to help your users understand your product (FAQ, support materials, training videos, etc)
  • Updates: News section to talk to your users about recent improvements, new developments, etc
*For further information please visit all available content on Chat and Support Features.

Other key concepts
Other key concepts in FROGED are Events and Attributes:
  • Events: actions performed by a user within one of your platform pages (Eg. log-in, click on "add to cart", "email-open", etc.). There are 4 types, 3 free of code 😉

*For further information please visit all available content on Events.
  • Contact Attributes: inherent characteristics of a given user. An attribute can be of a Contact (Eg. "country", "email", "type of plan", "name", "language", etc) or of an Event, a bit less common, "Eg. "upload a document in PDF format" (in pdf is a specific attribute of the event upload a doc).
*For further information please visit all available content on Attributes.

Have any questions or doubts? Please contact us through our Support Chat. Thanks and enjoy FROGED!

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