Export Contacts

The contacts you add in FROGED can be exported whenever you need them for storage, backup or whatever. To do this, simply click on your contacts and select Export Contacts.

You will be asked to select the option you want: export only the attributes shown in the current columns, or all the columns the contacts have in total. Once you have selected one of these options, we will email you the exported file in CSV format.

Filtered Exports

You can export your Contacts according to the segments you have previously created, but you may also prefer to filter them by a particular attribute without the need to create a new segment.

Attributes in FROGED are the inherent properties of each user, such as "country", "IP", "email", "type of plan", "name", "language", etc.

To do this, simply set your Filter, click on the Contacts tab and click Export. Once done, you will have to choose between downloading only the attributes that appear in the columns of the screen or all the attributes that the contacts have. In this case, you will choose only the attributes present on the screen, as they contain the filter you want. As previously mentioned, we will send this information to your linked email. Please note that the exported files will be in CSV format.
Now you're ready to do whatever you need with your contacts information!

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