How to create account segments

Segments are accounts (groups of contact that belong to the "company" = account) with certain characteristics (attributes).

You can create segments to monitor all your Accounts based on the filters that matter to you.

First, you must have Accounts set in FROGED: set up accounts
Then go to People > Accounts and start creating your segments as follows:

1. Input desired filters to filter down the Accounts, and save the filter as segment:

2. Add a name to the segment and select its privacy (Private: only you can see it; Public: everyone that is a FROGED user in your workspace can see it; Protected: special permissions):

3. Find and start monitoring your new segment from the side menu under the correspondent visibility menu (Public Segments, My Segments (private) or Protected Segments):

IMPORTANT NOTE: the segment will start tracking associated accounts from the day of its creation (it will not capture past data).

Watch this quick video for the creation of a segment:

You're done! 
👉🏼Take more advantage of the accounts by using the Account Owner.

And don't forget that you can also create segments for Contacts, and with these you can do much more! How to create contact segments 
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