How to create Jira Issues?
Once you integrated Jira, make use of it and create issues easily.

1/Make sure you have Jira on the right side contact view.

2/When a conversation leads to a Jira issue creation, create the Jira Issue by clicking on [link an issue] button. 
It may be a new issue or you can link it to an existing issue.

3/Fill the information of the issue and a note will automatically be created on both Jira and Froged.

Done! The Jira issue will be created and you'll get notified about the comments your development team does as well as when they've finished that task (for it, activate the closed issues notifications)
Communication with Jira is synchronized two-way. Comments that Jira agents add to the issue will be reflected as comments in the conversation that the issue is linked to. Also from Froged, the agent can write comments that appear on the issue in Jira.

You can also Unattach the issue when closed.

👉🏼If curious, see how the whole process looks like: 

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