Common Whatsapp Errors in Inbox

FROGED’s Whatsapp integration is key to manage multi-channel and multi-agent conversations in one robust tool. See its benefits here

The Whatsapp integration is simple and every time an error happens, we'll tell you what's the reason and how to fix it. These are the common ones: 

1. Contact's Whatsapp number is empty or incorrect.

How to solve? Check if the contact has the #whatsappnumber attribute with a correct number.

2. The message sent wasn't a pre-approved saved reply.
How to solve? Check if the sent saved replay has been correctly accepted in the Whatsapp provider, Twilio.  How to create whatsapp templates. Probably you have modified the template or the required attribute is missing, like, $name or $firstname.

3. Whatsapp reply-time has expired.

How to solve? In this case you can only continue the conversation with a pre-approved template, as any other message is rejected by whatsapp because 24h have already passed.

4. Whatsapp Integration is unfinished or incorrect.

How to solve? Check the configuration of the integration. How to integrate Whatsapp (Twilio). 

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