Create WhatsApp message Templates

Already completed FROGED's integration with the WhatsApp channel via Twilio? 🎉

Now you just need to create message templates to be able to open a new conversation via WhatsApp with your contacts.These templates, must be submitted for approval to WhatsApp, and then you're good to go. Without them, you will be unable to open a new conversation with your contacts, unless they contact you first.

The process is simple and we have a complete guide to know how to do it! 🤓

1. Create your template as a "Saved Reply" in FROGED
2. Copy the template into Twilio
3. Wait for approval
4. Start sending the template to your customers!

Access the full step by step guide to learn how you can do it: CREATION AND APPROVAL OF  WHATSAPP TEMPLATES IN TWILIO

🇪🇸 Versión en español disponible: CREACIÓN DE PLANTILLAS DE WHATSAPP EN TWILIO

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