Email Campaign Events

Email campaigns generate a series of events that you should analyze and have a clear idea about how they work. Two types of events are generated:

On one hand, the delivery events, which indicate the status of the delivery of the email you have sent to your users

On the other hand, the interaction events. This type of events tells you the emailed users' reaction.

Delivery Events

  • Processed: The message has been received and is ready for delivery.
  • Delivered: The message was successfully delivered to the recipient's server.
  • Bounce: The server is unsuccessful or has not wanted to accept mail. 

Commitment Events

Engagement events inform us of the way in which the user interacts with the email we send them. They may be:

  • Opened The recipient has opened the HTML message.
  • Clicked: the recipient clicked on a link within the message we sent. 
  • Spam report: the recipient reported the message as spam.
  • Unsubscribe: The recipient clicked on the link to opt-out of receiving all emails.

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