MAU - Monthly Active Users

How do we count your Monthly Active Users (MAU)? 
It's easy!  

MAU refers to your Monthly Active Users, i.e. the users who are interacting with any FROGED-related feature throughout the month. All FROGED plans define active usage as: 

1. Users who log in and navigate your solution. Why? When a user interacts with your platform, events are fired. These are actions that your users carry out by using your platform and which, through FROGED, serve as triggers for targeted communications.
2. Users who open a conversation via your Chat widget (either on your public or private site - wherever the FROGED widget has been installed) or users who you start a conversation with, via the chat.
3. Users that you engage with via proactive communication such as In-app interactions (Automessages or Flows) or Outreach communications (Campaigns or Behavioral emails).

TIP: Once a single user is counted as a MAU, they can be impacted multiple times without impacting the number of MAU counted. Awesome, right? 

Remember, you can check your MAU consumption every month. Just ask your FROGED Administrator to check out this article: Billing and Account limits info

Have any questions or doubts? Please contact us through our Support Chat. Thanks and enjoy FROGED!

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