Billing and Account limits info

If you are the Admin user of your FROGED Workspace, you can access all your FROGED billing information, as well as other info about your subscription limits and your account from Settings > Billing:

How to know who is the admin of the workspace? Easy. Just to to Settings > Agents and check for the agent with a ⭐️:

When the Admin is under Settings > Billing he/she will see the following: 

At the very top of the page you'll see your billing details and the option to upgrade plan too if your needs change. In case of the latter, feel free to contact us for advice.

Billing history: Access all your past invoices and payments here.

  • Plan limits:  Check your subscription limits regarding Monthly Active Users (MAU) every month. If you need to grow your MAU limits don't worry, contact our team for a plan upgrade!
    The first figure represents your MAU to date in the current month, and the second figure is your MAU limitation included in your plan. This way you can monitor how close you're to the limits on a given month:

  • Deliverability:  Track your email deliverability through the reputation rate to ensure your emails are reaching your customers.

Have any questions or doubts? Please contact us through our Support Chat. Thanks and enjoy FROGED!

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