Tags for contacts

A tag is a piece of information that you can assign to any contact and show that information easily and intuitively.

Its main function is to identify and associate contacts with the same characteristic.
You can also create tags to remind you that you have to do a specific action for all contacts with the same tag. For example, you can add the "To contact" tag so you don't forget which users you need to contact.

You can change their color and assign as many tags as you need to each contact.

In order to create and/or manage Contact tags you need to:

1. Go to "Contacts" and filter out your desired contact list using the available filters. Example: "Email contains froged" AND --> "country is Spain" OR "country is Italy" OR "country is Portugal":

2. Then click on the filtered contact list above and then on "Set tags":

3. If your contact tag already exists, just type the name or part of it until you see it, then select it by clicking on the "tick symbol":

4. If your contact tag is new, you have to create it first by typing the desired name and then clicking on to Create new tag: "tag name" - Example "Froged_Southern_EU":

And once it's been created, you need to reopen this same menu, and find the new tag, to tag the filtered contact list with it:

And to keep adding more tags to the same group of users, you just need to repeat the same process with desired tags.

You're now good to go, happy tagging! 😎 

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