Tags for contacts

Getting taggy with it!

A tag in FROGED is a piece of information that you can assign to your contacts, making it easy to organize and identify them.

Use tags to group contacts with similar characteristics and remind yourself of specific actions you need to take. For example, you can add a "To contact" tag to remember which users require follow-up.

You can customize your tags by changing their colors and assign as many as you need to each contact.

To create and manage contact tags:

1. Go to the "Contacts" section and apply filters to view your desired contact list. For instance, filter by email containing "FROGED" and country is Spain, Italy, or Portugal.

2. Click on the filtered contact list and then select "Set tags

3. If the tag you want already exists, simply type its name and select it. If it's a new tag, create it by typing the desired name and clicking on "Create new tag." Once created, you can tag the filtered contact list with it.

Repeat the process to add more tags to the same group of users.

You're all set! Start tagging and enjoy better organization and segmentation. Happy tagging! 😎

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