Welcome to FROGED!
We are thrilled to have you onboard as a new customer. Thank you for the trust given, you won't regret it, we promise.

In order to help you extract the most value out of your FROGED subscription, we have prepared a great Activation Guide to help you take the first steps with us. Let's do it! 

1. Creation of FROGED account
2. Subscription activation
3. Complete installation

4. Invite agents
5. Creation and import of Contact Attributes
6. Creation and import of Account Attributtes
7. Event creation ("Trigger")
8. Site customization (branding and content)

9. Email domain configuration (Starter)
10. Creation of user dynamic segments (Starter)

You need a task checklist? Clone this Notion page and go by yourself. 

Have any questions or doubts? Please contact us through our Support Chat. Thanks and enjoy FROGED!

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