How to install FROGED with a script?

Script and chill

To fully utilize the FROGED platform, you will need to complete the installation process. It's easy and takes less than 15 minutes! 

TIP! If you prefer to use CMS, here is a guide to install FROGED in CMS

1. From Settings > Installcopy the code snippet Manual code installation.

2. Paste this FROGED code into the head section of your platform or webpage.

3. Check that it has been installed correctly by clicking Verify to test your configuration. Enter the URL of your web application and click on Verify installation. Then visit your web application to check that everything is working correctly.

4. If your app has logged-in contacts, you need to configure the 'Set' options. With this function, your visitors' information will be updated.

{ userId:"User id in your database",
  email:"Email address",
  name: "Full name"
}) </script> 

Insert the following script -with the red values replaced- after step 2. Like this:

NOTE: It's especially important that attributes such as 'userId' and 'email' are included, so your users' information merges once a visitor becomes a contact. You can also add any custom attribute you have created, we provide an installation plan to facilitate it. 

Furthermore, add accounts' set script to activate accounts -with the red values replaced- after user set. Like this:

5. If you have inserted the script from the previous step to identify the user or account, it is very important that you run this script when the user logs out of your app. With this, your application is completely synchronized with FROGED.


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Have any questions or doubts? Please contact us through our Support Chat. Thanks and enjoy FROGED!

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