Install Script

Installing the FROGED Script is super easy and takes less than 2 minutes! 😁

1) The first step is to copy the script - you can find it at Settings > Install.

2) Now, paste the Froged code into the head section of your web page.


3) You can verify that it has been installed correctly by clicking on the test script installation button.

4) If your app have logged-in contacts, you need to configure the 'Set' options to finalize the integration. With this function, your visitors' information will be updated. Insert the following script, with the red values replaced, just after the one inserted in step 2

{ userId:"User id in your database",
  email:"Email address",
  name: "Full name"
}) </script> 

It's especially important that attributes such as 'userId' and 'email' are included, so your users' information merges once a visitor becomes a contact. You can also add any custom attribute you have created.

5) If you have inserted the script from the previous step to identify the user, it is very important that you run this script when the user logs out of your app. 


With this, your application is completely synchronized with FROGED.

Find more information about this here: SDK javascript 

Visit Install Froged in CMS  to learn about other install methods.

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