Flow Use Case: Link a series of Onboarding flows

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You want to onboard your users and you want to show them a bunch of flows in a certain order. No problem! We’ve got you covered.


Users will be able to onboard your platform and get guidance in a way that makes sense. From one flow they’ll be able to access the next one in one click, and so on.


Step 1: Create your Flow number 1

For this example, we have created a welcome tour as shown in this use case: Product Tour

Step 2: Create your Flow number 2

For this example, we have created a welcome tour as shown in this use case: Complete Profile

Step 3: Enable CTA to open Flow 2 from Flow 1

For this, edit Flow 1 and insert a CTA button in the desired step that will take the user to Flow number 2 if they click on it. In our example, we are going to edit the button in the last step, when the flow ends:

In the button configuration, go to “Actions” and select “Navigate”, then insert the new URL where your Flow number 2 starts (it’s the trigger URL of Flow number 2):

1. Copy URL that Flow 2 starts:

As a reference check Trigger of Flow 2

2. Paste the URL in Flow 1 in the option navigate in your CTA button:

Don’t forget to add a second action after the Navigate, to “Complete Flow” if it’s your final step and you want the Flow to end there before jumping on to the next one:

You’re now done! 

PS: keep doing this same process if you want to link more flows in the sequence. 

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