How to manage Festives/Holidays in your Support Metrics

If you are away from the office during festive days or holidays and wish to avoid affecting your metrics, you can configure the exclusion of these days from the parameters.

Support Metrics always apply to the days and hours specified in your Office and Out-of-Office configuration, corresponding to the working hours you have established. Any non-working day must be manually configured when they take place:

1. First, go to Settings > Widget > Configure and click on Office Hours.

2. Delete the desired day(s) by clicking on the bin icon and click on Save. This will prevent the hours related to this day from being added to your metrics.

3. Once you have returned to the office, remember to reconfigure this section so that all working days are included again in your metrics

IMPORTANT TIP: During non-working days, we also recommend modifying the automatic message to indicate that your teams are away due to national holidays or other reasons. This way, everyone will be notified automatically when they contact you. Example:

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