How to set Office Hours and automate messages based on my availability?

You can program an automatic message that your contacts will receive when they start a conversation through the live chat based on your office/business hours.

Let your contacts know when how long is going to take you to reply and if you're available. You can personalized these messages according to your needs.

But, before you do that, you need to set your office hours. First, go to Settings > Widget Settings, and under Office Hours click on Edit > Enabled.

Once you have enabled this option, you can start adding your daily office hours by clicking on + Add hours.

Make sure you have the right timezone set up for your FROGED account. 
You can change your timezone on Settings > Workspace Info.

Choose the day of the week and its office hours by moving the bar left and right. Keeping adding days and hours until you have your entire offices hours set. If you have a break of hours during the same day you can configure it by creating the same day twice, and add hours of each shift like this:

Now it's time to move on to the message that will be automatically sent to your contacts. You can personalize two different messages, depending on wether the contact is messaging you during business hours or outside of office hours.

This is how it appears if a contact messages us during office hours: 

Also, if you have the contact's email, another automated message will be sent stating that he/she has been notified by email as well as the chat.

On Widget Settings click on the Localization tab on the top right corner to start creating your own messages. 

Go to Office hours message to personalize your message in the different languages you have added to your FROGED app. 

Here are a couple of examples of Office hours messages we like: 
'Hold on, an agent will get back to you shortly'  
'Thank you for contacting us. We typically reply in a few minutes'.

Personalize your Outside of office hours message to let your contacts know you will get back to them once you're available. 

These are a few examples of great Outside of Office Hours messages: 
'We aren't available right now but we will message you back as soon as possible'
'Oops, the support team isn't available right now. An agent will reply as soon as they are back'

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