How To Add an Affiliate Link to Your Widget

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Are you still asking yourself about the benefits of becoming a FROGED affiliate? Look no further! Joining our affiliate program comes with a multitude of advantages that can greatly enhance your earning potential and business growth. Click here to discover in detail Why You Should Become a FROGED Affiliate

If you're already a satisfied FROGED customer, we have fantastic news for you. By utilizing your unique referral link, you can easily incorporate it into the Powered by FROGED branding on the widget at the bottom of your page. This allows you to effortlessly earn a generous 30% commission for every new customer you successfully bring to FROGED.

In case you're not yet familiar with the process of obtaining your own referral link and becoming one of our top referrers, don't worry. We have you covered. Simply visit our comprehensive guide on How to Sign Up to the FROGED Affiliate Portal, where we walk you through the steps to get started.

Once you have your referral link secured, head over to the Settings > Workspace Info section of your FROGED account. There, you'll find the Referral Program tab, which allows you to activate the referral button. This will enable you to enter your unique referrer code, which is an integral part of the process.

Here you only need to add your referrer code.

If you're unsure where to find your referrer code, don't fret. Each person's referral link contains a distinct code that determines who the referrer is. You can locate your code within your FROGED Affiliate Portal account, typically found at the end of your referral link following the "=" sign. Just copy the highlighted section and paste it into the appropriate field.

In this case, the referrer code is the highlighted section.

After saving your changes, you're all set to start promoting FROGED and earning commissions! If you're looking for inspiration and creative ways to promote our platform, we have a wealth of ideas waiting for you. Check out our related article on Why You Should Become a FROGED Affiliate for some fantastic promotional suggestions.

Get ready to unlock the true potential of your affiliate partnership with FROGED. Start spreading the word, sharing your referral link, and watch as your earnings soar while helping businesses thrive with our exceptional customer engagement platform.
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