How To Add an Affiliate Link to Your Widget
Are you still asking yourself about the benefits of becoming an affiliate? Click here to fin out Why You Should Become a FROGED Affiliate.

If you already are a FROGED customer, you can use your referral link to add it to the Powered by Froged branding on the widget (on the bottom) to receive a 30% commission for every new customer you bring.

If you don't know how to get your own referral link to become one of our top referrers, go to How to Sign Up to the FROGED Affiliate Portal .

Once you have your referral link, go to Settings > Workspace Info. And, on the bottom, turn on the button on the Referral Program tab.

Here you only need to add your referrer code.

In case you don't know what that is, each person's referral link has a unique code that will determine who the referrer is.

You can go to your FROGED Affiliate Portal account to copy yours from your referral link. The code is componed by the last characters of your referral link, right after the "=" sign.  

In this case, the referrer code is the highlighted section.

Now, just click Save and start promoting FROGED! If you want some promotion ideas, you can find a few here: Why You Should Become a FROGED Affiliate.
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