Why You Should Become a FROGED Affiliate
You can be a bigger part of the FROGED community by joining our Affiliate Program. And of course, this comes with great perks!

By joining our Affiliate Program you will earn a 30% commission for every new customer that signs up for a paid plan with your link.

They need to sign up to a paid plan within 90 days of clicking on your link, and you will receive the 30% commission for their first 12 months as a client of FROGED.

It sounds great, doesn't it? But hold on, if you do the math it gets even better...

Think about this, for example:

If you bring a customer to our Custom Plan, paying  €119/month, you will receive €35,70/month, which means that you’ll earn €428 in total just for recommending FROGED.
But, if you recommend FROGED to 3 friends for the same plan (paying 119€/month each), you will earn €1,284 in total! 

You can check out our pricing for every paid plan and what they include HERE.

There are tons of ways to promote FROGED, and here's your time to get creative. Remember, the sky is the limit!

To make it easier for you, here you have a few examples:

You could send an email campaign about the benefits we offer your business, post a Youtube video about the great experienced you have had so far, or maybe write a blog article about how FROGED has beaten every other tool you've had for Customer Success and Support before.

And, if you already are a FROGED customer, you can even add the link into the Powered by Froged branding on your widget! Here's how to do it: How To Add an Affiliate Link to Your Widget.

Now that know how great becoming an affiliate of FROGED can be, it's your time to sign up on our affiliate portal and start spreading the word out.

Find more information on how to do this here:  How to Sign Up to the FROGED Affiliate Portal .

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