Knowledge Base Portal (Help Center)
Having your own branded support portal sounds great right? But getting started and organizing help centers can be a challenge. With FROGED you have an advanced portal for content and articles that is intuitive, responsive and really easy to use.

Help your customers with a fully-functional  support center or as we call it, a Knowledge Base that they can use to solve problems. 

To get a better idea, watch this short video:

With FROGED's Knowledge Base you can easily create folders and group articles by themes or features. You will have all the useful information in one place.

We've also made it user friendly - just click on the plus to add images, video, buttons or dividers. You can also inter-connect your documents easily by clicking the hashtag. This way you can create important learning loops for your customers.

You can also add a summary or index your documents for SEO.

Can I filter docs by user type or use case?
Yes - If you want to limit visibility of some articles based on user personas or use cases, it's easy. Just tag your document! See more details at Filter documents by type of user and use case.

Can I customize it with our branding?
Yes - Customize your Knowledge Base with your own branding: colors, titles, or add your custom domain with the KB Pro! No code needed!

Can I know which articles are most viewed?
Yes - Get insights with one click. From your most viewed articles to the one's that need a little improvement- all based on your customer feedback. It's automated, each article includes a Q&A button allowing your team to focus on customers rather than measuring data and Improve employee productivity.

Can I import them from another platform?
Yes - You can bring everything automatically from Zendesk and Intercom with the KB Pro! No need to copy and paste them one by one!

Standard KnowledgeBase and KnowledgeBase PRO, what's the difference?

What are you waiting for to create yours?
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