Knowledge Base Portal
You can have your own Support portal to store all your help and support documentation that you have already shown to your contacts through the help section of your widget. You will also have an Updates section!

To get a better idea, this is what our Knowledge Base Portal looks like: 

Your contacts will be able to browse through all your help documentation organized in different folders in order to find the information they're looking for.

The icons and descriptions shown can be modified by going to Support > Knowledge Base > Settings. If you have any doubts about editing documents or update articles, you can fin more information here:  Documents & Updates .

How To Set Up Your Knowledge Base Portal

First, go to Support > Knowledge Base, click on Settings (located on the top right corner). Here you can start to set up your support portal options while seeing a preview of what it'll look like on the right side of the screen. 

Now,  turn on the Support Portal Button: 

Once it's been turned on, it's time to choose which subdomain you want your KB portal to be located at and its title. Also, you can have your chat  and updates hidden or visible.

As for the aesthetics, you can add your logo and your corporate colors, or any colors you desire.

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