Filter documents by type of user and use case
Within your FROGED knowledge base you can choose which documents will be shown in your widget and help button based on the type of user and use case.

Let's say you have a subscription-based product, and your most affordable plan does not offer the same features as your highest plan. You most probably do not want to show help articles of those features that their plan doesn't include, right?

Now, you can add different tags to your help articles to filter which type of users will be able to see them!

When creating a new folder or editing an existing one, add one or serveral tags to determine who will have access to it. 

To create a new tag, type the name of it and click enter.

You can also filter a document by adding tags within its settings. That way, you can choose if a type of user can see the entire folder or only a few of the documents in it. 

💡 FYI, if you haven't tagged any documents or folders, all your documents will be public.

Once you have finished tagging your folders and documents, you need to add the snippet of code that will determine which users have access to which tags. 

You can find more information about this snippet under the "Filter documents" section in our SDK javascript.
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