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As an email service provider, FROGED uses Amazon SES as its email delivery service. Like any other provider, Amazon SES blocks customers who misuse its service. Amazon SES has introduced two fundamental metrics to prevent this: bounce and complaint rates.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of emails that bounce back to the sender for various reasons: 
  • Invalid email addresses.
  • A full inbox of the recipient.
  • A server issue.
Amazon SES will issue a warning if the bounce rate reaches 5% and threaten to ban the customer if the bounce rate reaches 10%. 

As of February 10, 2023, FROGED's bounce rate is 2.04%.

Complaint Rate

The complaint rate refers to the percentage of emails marked as spam by recipients. Amazon SES will issue a warning if the complaint rate reaches 0.2% and threaten to ban the customer if the complaint rate reaches 0.5%. 

As of February 10, 2023, FROGED's complaint rate is 0.21%.

FROGED also uses suppressions to prevent bounced and complained emails from being sent again. This helps customers to maintain a better reputation over time. 

IMPORTANT! However, having good deliverability in FROGED does not guarantee that emails will arrive in the inbox. The deliverability score only allows customers to send emails, but it depends on the recipient's email server to determine whether an email is delivered to the inbox or spam folder.

The secret deliverability formula

FROGED calculates the deliverability score using a proprietary formula that considers the bounce rate, complaint rate, and other factors. The procedure is kept for security reasons. Still, it penalizes customers who send a few emails to avoid new and potentially low-reputation customers from negatively impacting the system.

Customers should focus on having a healthy domain and IP, using appropriate content, and interacting with recipients regularly to improve email deliverability. FROGED offers a dedicated IP address for customers who want to ensure that other customers' use of FROGED does not affect their email deliverability.

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