How to add new agents to my workspace?

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Agents are those who will help you manage your workspace.

When you access your workspace for the first time, you'll become the admin of the workspace. You can also invite more agents to help you with your engagement strategies and take care of your support chat!

To invite other agents and give them access to your FROGED workspace, go to Settings > Agents and click on + Invite agent.

Then, add the details of the new agent.

👉 NOTE: The sender ID would be the FROGED email name for that agent. For example, the sender ID could be firstname.lastname so the agents’ FROGED mail would look like                 

The person you have designated to be an agent will receive an email with an activation key and a link. This will redirect your new agent to a screen where they can set up a profile by filling in a name and a password.

For more info about the possible roles and permissions agents can have click on Agents roles and permissions.

If you no longer want to be the admin of the account, you can transfer the workspace to any other agent, and he/she will become the new admin.

To do this, go to Settings > Workspace Info, click on Transfer Workspace and select the agent you want to be the new admin.

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