Chat Notifications
To modify your Chat Notifications go to your Profile.

Sound Notifications 

You can choose to get notified with a sound when online - just turn it on or off the Web button; you will only get notified on the devices where you're online.

When the sound notifications are activated, all agents will hear a ring when a new conversation has been started. Also, you will receive a sound notification when there's a message sent on a conversation you have assigned.

Send Notifications 

Here you can modify how to be notified when you're offline and an unassigned conversation, an assigned conversation or a message has taken place, go to your profile.

You could set up where you prefer to receive your notifications:
  • Unassigned Conversations: notifications that you receive when a conversation does not have an assigned agent. You can choose between web, mobile or email.
  • Assigned Conversations: the assigned agent will receive the notifications between mobile, web or email.
  • Messages: Notifications of the conversations we have assigned and open when they arrive. We have the same options to choose from.

Click on any button to turn it on - when it's green - or off - when it's red.


When the notifications on web are turned on, you will get a push notification on your screen.


To get notified with a push notification on your mobile phone, you need to have the Mobile button turned on and have installed the Froged App on your phone.

Haven't downloaded the Froged mobile app yet? You can find more information on how to do so here: Mobile App 

Remember to allow all notifications from the Froged App on your phone' settings.


If the email button is green, you'll get notified via email when a contact starts a conversation.

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