How to configure your CSAT in WhatsApp

You can have a CSAT in WhatsApp for your customers to send their feedback after a conversation ends, but you'll need to set it up in Twilio. We promise it will only take a few minutes!

Go to Settings > Integrations > WhatsApp > View CSAT Twilio Templates

By clicking on it, you will see the following message with instructions on how to create your CSAT template in Twilio. Once in Twilio, you can create your template as explained in the following article: Create Message Templates. Remember that you will need to create a template with the text you specified above, in Quick Reply format, and with 3 buttons. The result of the template should look like this: 

And that's it! Once approved, you can send the CSAT to your customers every time you close a call. 

IMPORTANT! For this CSAT to display correctly, remember that it must be active in your workspace.

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