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Good Customer Support is key for getting an outstanding customer experience. FROGED's aim is to help you optimize your efforts while you increase the satisfaction of your users and customers.

But to know how well you're providing support, you need data right? The good news is that FROGED helps you track all relevant insights about your Inbox activity. This is all located in the menu Inbox > Metrics:

You can get general metrics and graphs like:
  • Active conversations
  • Time of first reply
  • Resolution time
  • Satisfaction of users after a conversation (CSAT)
And you can also filter down the graphs for getting more granular data. You can know how many conversations you had per channel, per tag, per individual agents, etc. For example, if you tag all the conversations about a "bug" you can easily filter them out from the general metrics, and get an idea of how many conversations your agents have or are having about "bug" problems:

And you can also download all the raw data in a csv. file for running deeper analysis of your own in excel. You can simply get this file in your inbox from Inbox > Metrics > Send report:

How are the metrics calculated?
  • First time reply: average time that all your agents take to send the first response message to a chat conversation.
  • Resolution time: average total time since each conversation arrive to the inbox until they are closed, meaning they've been resolved.
  • Active conversations: total number of conversations currently open, both existing and new conversations:
Active conversations = New conversations + Existing conversations

For the selected period of time (last 7 days by default) it gives you the new conversations open and the previously existing ones that are still open.
  • CSAT: is the Customer Satisfaction Score. It's a transactional CX metric that FROGED provides when closing every conversation, so the end user can rate your agent's service provided. 3 possible ratings:

Read this for further information about how is CSAT calculated: CSAT (Customer Satisfaction survey) 

IMPORTANT: All of these metics apply only during your office hours, so if a customer contacts you during weekends or outside office hours during the week, the metrics won't count those periods of time. 

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