Chat keyboard shortcuts
Good news, there's a series of keyboard shortcuts for a faster use of FROGED's inbox. Here's the list, enjoy! 🤓

  • "Enter": press "Enter" to send messages straight way. No need to press the "send" button:

  • "Shift + Enter": jump to the next line without sending the message yet:

  • " : + Emoji": type the colon (:) and the emoji list will open up so you don't have to click on the emojis menu to send one:

You can continue typing the emoji keyword after the colon (:) to find the desired one quicker (eg --> :money for 🤑 )
  • " @ + Agent name": type the "@" to mention other agent/s (colleagues with access to your FROGED account) to help you out in a conversation from the conversation tab "Note". The customer will not see any messages exchanged on the Note tab, that's why everything is in yellow:

  • "Shift + 7": to open the saved replies list without clicking on the icon:

If you are under the free plan, the saved replies option won't be available. Let our team know if you'd like to upgrade your plan:

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