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Key contacts segments ready for you

As explained in the article How to create contact segments, segments are user groups with certain characteristics (attributes). They’re useful to segment your audience very simply. 

Segments can be created by yourself, but FROGED gives you a bunch of key segments by default that may also be useful.

This has a great value: monitoring the activity of key users on your platform.


Which are these "Default Segments"? 

The ones provided at the very top of the list under Public Segments

All: All your contacts

NewContacts first seen less than 7 days ago

Daily Active Users: Contacts last seen less than 1 day ago
Weekly Active Users: Contacts last seen less than 8 days ago
Monthly Active Users: Contacts last seen less than 31 days ago
Inactive Users: Contacts last seen more than 31 days ago
Detractors: Contacts with NPS less than 7
Promoters: Contacts with NPS greater than 8

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