Flow Use Case: Track who clicks on a button

You can track how many people have clicked on the buttons you have added to your Flows. We promise it is very easy!

First go to the Events section and add a new event of type Custom; Custom events are tracked by your frontend, so you can use your Flow created in FROGED to trigger these events. To do this, you need to enter the following code:


You have to include the following parameters inside the code Froged()
Track= Because you want to track the event
Event name= Name of the event
Attributes of the event= Only if you  have defined them, otherwise it is not necessary.

IMPORTANT: When you create a Custom Event, you can assign a series of custom attributes for the event to track. For more information, go to SDK javascript and How to Create a Customized Event.

After configuring it, you will save it. Repeat this process with the events you need to add for our buttons, in this case we will show two as an example.
  1. Go to your Flow. Create the necessary buttons. From Button Actions> Execute JS = This action will execute a JavaScript code on your page. We also add the action Navigate so that this button will take us to the URL we want.

   2. Repeat this process with the second button to configure it. In this way, each button will have different actions.
  3. Don't forget to configure the trigger and conditions before applying the changes to our flow.

From People >Contactsyou can search for both events. By setting them as events you can filter which users clicked on what. You can also create segments based on these events.

Select your Event and the values you want to view. You will then see a list of the Contacts who have clicked on your button.

For more information, go to Events and How to Create a Click Event.
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