Flows Metrics
Flows guide users to help them better understand your product and in turn create more points of engagement. They improve onboarding, increase engagement and provide self-serve support that reduces ticket time. If you want to get inspired, here some Flows use cases.

Moreover, it's important to measure in order to improve. So, each flow has its own metrics. 

Where can I find my Flows Metrics?
You get into metrics this way.

What's in Flows Metrics?
Once in Flows Metrics, you'll find a panel like this one. You can select the desired time period and see the conversion funnel of the flow. 

Also, you'll find a STEPS BREAKDOWN. This chart will enable you to dig into each step to learn how users behave with the flow and thus, improve the needed steps. 

Can I reset the Metrics?
Yes, you can reset the Flow's Metrics and they will begin from 0 again. Note that you can't undo this action. 

How can I learn more?

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