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If the groove doesn't get ya the rhyme FLOW Metric's gonna.

Flows guide users to help them better understand your product and in turn create more points of engagement. They improve onboarding, increase engagement and provide self-serve support that reduces ticket time. If you want to get inspired, here some Flows Use Cases

Moreover, it's important to measure in order to improve. So, each flow has its own metrics. 

Where can I find my Flows Metrics?
You get into metrics this way.

What's in Flows Metrics?
Once in Flows Metrics, you'll find a panel like this one. You can select the desired time period and see the conversion funnel of the flow. 

In your General Metrics you will find the following sections:
  • Flow Views: The number of users who have been able to view the content created in the Flow.
  • Completion Rate: Percentage of how many complete the flow (i.e. When the user completes the action marked as "Complete Flow")
  • Skipped Rate: The percentage of users who deliberately leave the flow before completing it, or by clicking a skip button included in the Flow.
  • Failed: The error rate in the flow. For example, if the product has changed and the CSS selector cannot find a tooltip element.
  • Uncompleted: When a flow is not broken (it has not Failed, so it is not considered as such) and it has not been intentionally stopped (so it would not be considered Skipped). This includes situations where your computer unexpectedly shuts down, you unintentionally close the navigator tab, or there is an internet outage.

Also, you'll find a STEP BREAKDOWN. This chart will enable you to dig into each step to learn how users behave with the flow and thus, improve the needed steps. 

  • Started: The number of times the flow has been sent to users who visited the page and met the conditions.
  • Skipped: The number of times users received the flow but did not interact with it.
  • Failed: The number of times the flow attempted to show to users but was unsuccessful.
  • Uncompleted: The number of times users interacted with the flow but exited before completing it. Completed: The number of times users successfully completed the entire flow.

IMPORTANT: In the Flow steps, you can enable the X to give your users the possibility to close the window and therefore exit the flow.

This makes this action count as Skipped in your metrics, as the step has been skipped deliberately by the user.

If you want to consider your Flow as Completed, you must always insert this option in Content, otherwise it will not be counted properly in the metrics. Example:

 This will lead to another page on the end button of the flow, where we want it to end. After the Navigate action to that URL we add a second action "Complete Flow". This way, the Flow will count as “completed” in the metrics if the user has clicked the button.

Can I reset the Metrics?
Yes, you can reset the Flow's Metrics and they will begin from 0 again. Note that you can't undo this action. 

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