Facebook Messenger

You can easily manage all your Facebook private messages from your FROGED inbox.

This integration is just a few clicks away...

FYI, the Facebook integration is available only in some of our plans - don’t hesitate to message us through the chat if you have any questions, the Sales team will be happy to help you.

To integrate your Facebook page with FROGED you need to be the admin of the Facebook page you want to connect.

First, go to Settings > Integrations > Facebook.

Click on Manage and then on the “Connect Facebook Messenger” button to start the process. 

Once you have connected it, you can check if FROGED appears as an active integration in the Business Integrations section within your Facebook Page settings.

Now that your Facebook page has been connected, any time someone sends you a private message through Facebook, it will show up in your FROGED Inbox!

To easily identify these conversations, you will be able to see an informative text saying where the user is messaging you from: 

 You will also have the Facebook logo next to the conversation in your inbox: 

Why can’t I reply to a conversation?

If you reply to a conversation more than 24 hours after the user last interacted with you, Facebook might not allow you to send a message. 

If your Facebook private messages aren’t syncing with FROGED, you just need to reconnect your Facebook page. Facebook might disconnect this integration every three months. If this happens, we will notify you with the following message:

This message can also mean that you have disabled FROGED permits in Facebook, make sure to allow FROGED integration within your page’s settings.

Then, go to Settings > Integrations > Facebook, and click on Manage Facebook integration to reconnect your Facebook Page to your inbox in FROGED:

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