Email reputation and Spam

Avoid your emails going to Spam

FROGED uses Amazon SES as our provider to send emails. This provider, like any other, blocks customers that are misusing the service. For this, they have some key metrics:

Email bounce rate: this refers to the "bounce" event which can be due to a number of reasons, including:

- Wrong email addresses
- Inbox of the destination email address is full
- Crash of the mail server to which the address belongs (very unusual)

There are 2 types of warning:

- Our provider will give us a "warning" if our bounce rate reaches 5%.
    - bounced / delivered > "0.05"
- Our provider will threaten to ban us if our bounce rate reaches 10%.
    - bounced / delivered > "0.1" 

Complaint rate: this refers to the "spam" event that occurs when a user's email understands that our email is spam.

There are 2 types of warning:

- Our provider will give us a "warning" if our complaint rate reaches 0.2%.
    - spam / delivered > "0.002"
- Our provider will threaten to ban us if our complaint rate reaches 0.5%.
    - spam / delivered > "0.005"

Suppressions: for each workspace, when an email is sent and is bounced or spammed, the email is added to suppressions: Settings > Supressions:

This is so that if we send a chain of emails to a user and the first one bounces, subsequent emails will be ignored by FROGED before they reach our provider. This helps our clients to have a better reputation.

💡 It is very likely that over time, as FROGED is used, our clients will improve their reputation because successive sedings to email addresses will make the total deliveries grow and those bounced from the beginning will be a smaller proportion of the total emails sent.


We have a formula to calculate the deliverability of a workspace, values from 0 to 1. 

Key concepts:

- Up to the first 1000 emails, workspaces have to "warm up". If you have sent few emails, we penalise bounces and spam very much precisely to prevent new users, of doubtful reputation, from impacting our system.
- We never share the formula for security reasons.
- When a workspace has been with us for a long time (has sent a lot of emails) the formula will have very similar requirements to those required by our provider

Tips to avoid your emails going to Spam

Having a deliverability in FROGED does not mean that emails will arrive to the inbox. Deliverability greater than 0 will allow you to send emails, nothing more. 

So, what does it depend on then? Whether an email reaches the inbox and not SPAM depends on the mail server of the destination email address. Each one works differently, but common aspects apply:

Domain: normally, mail servers also have a domain rating. You need to have a healthy domain. For this, we always recommend to sign the emails with the domain of our clients, but this does not mean that everything will be fine. You may have a domain that is "frowned upon" by the mail servers. Ideally it has to "warm up" (send a few initial emails to users that you know will accept the mail) and progressively send more emails. 

IP: the IP identifies the machine that sends the email. In this case it is the Froged server. All of the above (bounce rate and complaints) are measures imposed by our provider to ensure that our IP is fairly healthy. The Froged IP is shared by all Froged workspaces. If a customer would like to have their own IP at some point so that the usage of other Froged customers does not impact this variable, we can offer it to them (at a cost).

Content: content has an impact a lot. Links, images, etc. There is a lot of documentation about this on the internet.

Server: If the server detects that you receive an email from an address with which you have interacted, the probability of it going to the inbox increases a lot. 

Here are some examples:

1. Use an email address with your own domain name (ask us about this to send you the DNS to configure your own email domain in FROGED).

2. Keep your IP reputation under control

3. Go for high quality contact lists

4. Avoid URL shorteners or the abuse of images

5. Get your contacts' interest back

6. Beware of misleading words in your subject lines

7. Caution with attachments

8. Use spam detectors before sending emails, like: Mail tester or isNotSpam.

Happy emailing! 📧

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