What's on Your Dashboard?
On your dashboard, you have an easy to visualize summary of the information about the metrics and statistics of the App. One of the advantages that Froged gives you is the unification of most of the conversational marketing tools found in the market. We are an all in one platform.

 We must differentiate two important concepts related to the platform:
  • Visitors: those whose's visits reach the page, but from whom we don't have any type of attribute to define them, only the ones predetermined by the network.
  • Contacts: users who have interacted with the page before, and from whom we already have at least an email or a user ID - this allows you to contact them even when they aren't on-line.
As you can see here, the Dashboard shows you different metrics that are needed when making most commercial and marketing decisions

At the top, you can see the visitors and contacts that are online in real-time. 

At the footer, there's very useful data from your users, such as the origin of their visits, the browser they use when going through your site, the country they're from, etc. shown in many different types of graphs.

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