General Dashboard
On your dashboard, you can easily see how FROGED is helping you nurture your users lifecycle.

On the first graph, you can see the total number of sessions and their evolution. You can also see how many visitors and contacts you have had and the ones that currently on-line.

  Within FROGED, your users will be differentiated into visitors and contacts:
  • Visitors: those whose visits reach the page, but from whom we don't have any information but the predetermined data from the browser.
  • Contacts: users who have interacted with your page or platform before, and from whom we already have at least an email address or a user ID - this allows you to contact them even when they aren't on-line.
By clicking on Events, you can also review how each event is performing, and compare them.

The next graph in your dashboard, the Segment Tracking, will show the performance of the different segments you have created within the Contacts section.

This is a great way to review how your key segments of users are performing and analyze where your next efforts should rely on.

As you can see, your Dashboard gives you all the information necessary to analyze your users' performance, and then take action and engage with them via automessage, behavioral emails, and email campaigns according to their specific situation.

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