General Dashboard

On FROGED's dashboard, you have access to valuable insights that will help you nurture your users' lifecycle. Gain a clear understanding of user behavior, track performance metrics, and engage with your audience effectively.

1.Track User Activity

Easily monitor the total number of sessions and their evolution. Stay informed about the number of visitors and contacts you've had and identify those who are currently online. This data provides a comprehensive overview of user engagement on your platform.

-Differentiating Visitors and Contacts:
Within FROGED, users are categorized as visitors or contacts. Visitors are individuals who visit your page without providing additional information, while contacts are users who have interacted with your platform and have shared their email address or user ID. This distinction allows you to engage with contacts even when they're not online.

-Events Performance:
By clicking on the Events tab, you can dive deeper into the performance of each event. Analyze event data and compare their impact to gain valuable insights into user engagement.

2. Segment Tracking
The Segment Tracking graph displays the performance of the different segments you've created within the Contacts section. This feature helps you review how key user segments are performing and guides your efforts for targeted engagement.

Taking Action:
Armed with user data from the dashboard, you can now take proactive steps to engage with your audience. Utilize FROGED's automation features such as automessages, behavioral emails, and email campaigns to reach out to users based on their specific situation.

You have all the necessary information to analyze user performance and make informed decisions. Leverage this data to foster meaningful connections and drive user engagement. Start exploring your dashboard today and unlock the full potential of your user lifecycle.

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