Configuring your knowledge base to support multiple languages
You may configure your Knowledge Base articles in multiple languages

When you create your workspace the language of the Knowledge Base by default is English. But, if you click on the language above the directory tree you will see Manage languages.

In this menu, you can add the languages to which you want to translate your documents

You can also mark the default language you prefer, which means that if a client visits your website with his/her browser in a language that you haven't translated your documents into, they will be displayed in the language you have selected by default.

Once a language is added, you can change the directory tree to the selected language and work in it.

The tree structure is identical for all languages, if you have a document that is only translated to one language, it will appear as a "draft" in the other languages.

To make it easier, you can also change the language when you are in the document so you can navigate in the same document between several languages.

Send articles through the chat

When sending Knowledge Base articles through chat conversations, you may choose in which language you want it to be sent.

You may be able to select the languages within the selection window, but also at the time of selecting the document (only in the case that the document is translated to other languages).

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