Behavioural Email Metrics

Metrics, metrics all the time

A Behavioral Email is an email that is triggered by a specific action or behavior exhibited by a user within your product or website. It allows you to send targeted and personalized messages to users based on their interactions, preferences, or specific events. Behavioral Emails are highly effective in engaging users, improving onboarding experiences, and driving conversions. By tailoring your email communication to users' behaviors, you can deliver relevant content and enhance the overall user experience. With FROGED's Behavioral Emails feature, you can easily create and automate these personalized messages to maximize user engagement and drive desired actions. 

Moreover, it's important to measure in order to improve. So, each Behavioral Email has its own metrics. 

What does each metric mean?
Sent is the number of users to whom the email has been sent.
Open is the number of users who have opened the email.
Click is the number of users who have clicked within the email.
Unsub is the number of users who have unsubscribed through this email.
Queue List of contacts who activated behavioral email. If the contacts met these conditions, they received the email.

But wait, there's more:
If you click on Behavioral funnel, you can view the funnel of your emails. This gives you a quick overview of what you should improve to encourage users to click on your email.

Here you will find two new metrics.
Emails requested, which are those that meet the conditions after triggering the event.
Emails processed are the emails that have been sent to the users.
Emails delivered are the emails that have been successfully delivered to the users.

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